Located at the heart of the Cilento National Park, Agropoli is a beautiful tourist town in the South of Salerno. And if the sea “Blue flag” for years, and the nature of indescribable beauty make it a tourist destination in the spring and summer, its history, culture, sport and the flavor of a thousand delights Cilento cuisine make it a place to live all year round.


History. What we told you about the name of the city is the most accredited theory. But there are those who believe instead that it can derive from the fact that, at the time of the Greek domination, the city could instead be the Acropolis of the nearby Paestum.

Sea and nature. Agropoli has a special relationship and unbreakable bond with the sea. Crystal clear waters as “blue flag” by the time. The baia di Trentova owes its name to the rock. The rock rises from the sea with its light color that becomes blindingly when the Sun is high, creating a magnificent contrast with the green of the surrounding nature and the blue sea. And if you come around here don’t forget home mask and snorkel: underwater below the rock are ideal for snorkelling: Watch the seafloor and be fascinated …

Flavours and traditions. The kitchen of Agropoli is linked with its history and its sea. The Mediterranean diet, in fact, she was born not far from here. The local dish as indispensable the anchovies, prepared according to many traditional recipes: “mbuttunate”, “arreganate”, “Marinades” or “salty”. Among the cured meats deserve mention bacon or “Longarella” and “sobrasada”. But still: legumes, vegetables, dairy products and vegetables do fine show on local boards. Often, in the course of the year are organized tours routes full of taste, through agricultural excellence: white fig of Cilento DOC wines, extra virgin olive oil, Mozzarella di bufala Campana.

Sports and leisure. For sports enthusiasts, in Agropoli’s spoilt for choice:  in the Bay of Trentova and in picnic areas you can practise many outdoor sports, from mountain biking to horseback riding, archery, trekking; if the clear waters it is pleasant sailing, canoeing or just … swim, And, for the youngest, the night’s small outdoor discos, night bar, under the lights of the stars.


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